Not From Around These Parts

So today I witnessed what was almost a really bad accident.  Let me explain…

After leaving the restaurant we had dinner with my parents at I was in line behind a car that had their lights off yet. I didn’t think much of it as some people just don’t turn their lights on until they merge into traffic. I don’t get that and I think its a bad idea, but whatever. However, as we stopped at the next light  the lights had not come on yet So I flashed my high beams at them.

We continue on in traffic and at least half a dozen cars in the opposing lanes flash their lights at them as well. During the transit to the turn to get on the highway I would see the driver turn on their map light in the vehicle and fidget with their GPS or phone. Now I know their not from the area and are trying to figure out where they are going.

So as we get to the turn said car in front of me proceeds to make it and heads down the exit side of the ramp instead of the entrance side. The only reason there wasn’t an accident is because there were no cars exiting from the highway and no one exited until the idiot driver had turned themselves around.

I think they got the clue when they had a whole line of cars honking at them. At no point in time before I exited the area did their lights come on.

The moral of the story here is to pay attention to what the hell you are doing especially when you are in an area unfamiliar to you. There is zero excuse to not be using a mandatory safety feature of your vehicle especially when other peoples lives are at stake.

The Michael Brown Decision

I’m sure many of you much like myself have been watching closely the aftermath of the grand jury decision from the Michael Brown incident. What is going on is not how you effect change in our society. I understand that some individuals may not agree with the decision made and that is your right, but this is not how you express that opinion. Our justice system has spoken. I will always support a persons right to question and protest the decisions made by our justice system, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. This is the wrong way.

Destruction of property and trying to fight the police is not how to win change. I hear people complain about how we live in a police state. This is why. I call for a cease of the insanity and plead for people to use common sense.

Every now and then I think I have seen everything and then this happens. (This is why we can’t have nice things!) Nothing really surprises me anymore which saddens me as I lose my faith in humanity yet again.


So today one of my co-workers fielded a call that went something like this.

Snowed In Patient: How my name is John Doe. I’m stuck here in Buffalo and need my prescription transferred to a local pharmacy.

Terrific Tech: Not a problem let me find the store in your area.

Finds there are 3 of our companies store in the area.

The patient then begins to explain where they are located. The problem here is we are not located anywhere near buffalo and I am the only person that has ever stepped foot inside the city, but it has been about 15 years so I have no idea.

SIP: So you can’t tell me which is the closet one?

TT: No.

SIP: Do you know if they offer free delivery?

TT: No, we don’t have that information.

A few more words were exchanged and the call ended.

We moved on with our day, but lets focus on two things. Asking us how close they are to a city we are no where near or have ever been to is ridiculous. You might as well as where the Lost City of Atlantis is. (Best theory thus far is a few hundred miles off the coast of Portugal.)

Secondly what makes you think that even if they had someone there at the store that anyone is crazy enough to make a delivery run in the MIDDLE OF A GOD DAMN SNOW STORM! Even if said person was willing to the cops would turn them around quicker than shit.