Colder Than A Well Diggers…

At present it is currently 2 degrees outside. With the wind chill factor it drops to approximately -10. (I am speaking in terms of Fahrenheit.) It’s the kind of cold that when the wind cuts into you the only thing you can do is stand there until it stops and mutter and/or yell some obscenities.

Honestly though I could care less about how cold outside it is. I know how to dress appropriately so that it’s impact is minimal and being of Canadian decent ice runs through my veins for the most part. It was just kind of a shock to the system as we had unseasonably warm weather for so long.

Old Man Winter’s Last Breath

Now is the time of year where I live where we start heading into consistent higher temperatures. However, there is always one last cold snap for a couple of days before I can officially warmer weather is here to stay.

Just to be clear I am a fan of colder weather. I like to be able to see my breath. I like the bite of frost. I enjoy the shit out of hoodies and jeans. I also find it easier to warm one self up and than to cool off. Also, if you should happen to have a significant other, or a really awesome friend, or a pet it’s totally cuddling time.

If I could figure out a way to move to Maine I would. I’m not knocking warmer weather and associated activities I’d just rather a parka over a wet suit.


Currently there is a thunderstorm passing through the are I live in. Despite it potential for destruction I probably enjoy them more than most people. Especially the calm that temporarily settles in the are after it passes. Many a time I have mediated to the sound of the rain and rolling thunder. The lightning is also an awesome sight to behold as well.

Despite what some “nancies” may say there is an overall calming effect to be had from storms.

Normally the biggest worry when a storm occurs is my power going out. When this occurs I light a couple of candles. Grab a flashlight just in case and read a book by candle light, meditate, or if I happen to be lucky enough to have the fiancée around just snuggle on the couch and listen to the storm.

However, it should be remembered that the storm carries the power of nature and can be very destructive. Don’t travel in the storm unless absolutely necessary and if you are caught outside seek shelter or a low lying area immediately.


One of the things that I have to laugh at is people who bitch about how inaccurate sometimes the weather forecasters are on the local news channels. Let’s get a couple of things straight.

First off despite the advancements in technology and methodology over the years it is still not an exact science. There are dozen’s of factors that can skew a weather forecast even at the last second. I realize that the average individual has most likely forgotten what they had learned from middle school Earth and Space science classes which is why this leads to the cranky comments from viewers.

The average salary for a meteorologist can be somewhere in the six figure neighborhood. Based on the schooling and work they do I would say this is a justified salary. When it comes to being one of the forecasters on TV I would definitely say this is justified because now we are asking a scientist to convert the data they have obtained into to easily understandable charts, graphs, and maps for the rest of the world to see and understand. Where I join the rest of the pissed off masses is when the weather person isn’t a meteorologist, but a TV personality.

Although this person did have to sit and take the time to learn some of the science behind it, it only accounts for some of it. There is a disconnect on a certain level because they are not going to be able to convey a message clearly because they may not understand a concept fully especially in a situation where weather conditions may make a quick change. This is definitely one those jobs where its best left to the professionals.

The Smell of Winter

This evening it is exceptionally cold outside. The sky is mostly clear and the moon is bright. The air also has a crisp fresh smell to air with the faint odor of a wood fire nearby. This normally occurs the evening after a days worth of fresh snow has fallen. It’s like a cleaning of the atmosphere. It is nights like these that allow me to further embrace my inner Canadian heritage. This is also why I enjoy the winter about other seasons.