The Bus Driver Goes Beep Beep Beep

So while watching Inside Edition I was enlightened to a disturbing statistic that last year 31 students were trapped by the bus doors and then drug across the ground. I did zero research into that number, but my guess is there is some validity to it. Relax people I now Inside Edition is normally filled with a bunch of bullshit, but occasionally they throw something like this in there and I’m more inclined than not to believe it.

Lets just say that this only happens one time per year. That is unacceptable to me. If you drive a bus of any kind you need to be heads up and on a swivel at all times. Especially with a school bus. I understand that you have a lot to pay attention to while driving and the rowdy kids at the back of the bus don’t always help. However, when students are being let off the bus it is at a stand still and in park. So part of your attention is not immediately divided for driving.

With that being said there should be no hurry at the bus stop. Were not exactly dropping troops into a hot LZ and you have to dust off quick.  Your waiting to make sure the kids clear from around the bus what is to make sure they are completely cleared from the entrance/exit way as well. Let’s also examine the door control as well.

Most buses in the school district I work for although newer still have the manual control arm to open and shut the doors. When shutting them if it takes a little more pressure than normal to shut the doors something is clearly wrong and quick turn of the head should reveal the issue. Should you be a bus driver lucky enough to have a bus equipped with an electronic open/close device I would think it would be all that much more important to make sure the entrance/exit is clear so as not to put undo stress on the hydraulic unit.

I may just be shouting into the void about nothing here, but common sense should be employed in general.