Pre-Cana Class

So today I got to experience the required Pre-Cana class with my Fiancée. I have to admit it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Prior to going to the class I had gained a myriad of views, thoughts, and opinions on Pre-Cana. Going into the class I did my best to not have a preformed opinion on anything and wanted to genuinely learn something.

For this I am glad. I did indeed learn something about myself, my future wife, and us as a couple. To quickly sum that up and this is just my opinion we are on the right track, probably better off than most couples, but still have some things we are going to need to get better at.

I’m also gonna throw the church some props. Religion and spirituality was incorporated, but we weren’t beaten over the head with it either. I also found the information and opinions shared to be minimally biased and helpful. The catholic church has modernized some of its opinions coming closer to current cultural beliefs, but it still lacks in certain areas by either side stepping or not mentioning something.

To be quit honest my only real complaint was the chairs. As the day wore on their comfort level was minimized, but I have a feeling this was by design to keep us awake. All in all it was a positive experience.

A Scout is…..Reverent

The last of the Scout laws is reverence. The minimum expectation with this law is that a scout belongs to some religion, has some knowledge about the religion and could hold a discussion about it. Basically an expectation to attend services on a regular basis.

I understand and respect that some people choose to not participate in any religion. I know that national for whatever reason isn’t able to over look this fact, but as far as I’m concerned who cares. As long as the scouts that I help guide through their scouting experiences are understanding and respectful to all religious choices or lack there of, that’s good enough for me.

C&E Catholics

If your not familiar with the term I am talking about Christmas and Easter Catholics and honestly some people only come around for the C. If this is the extent as to which you are willing to participate in the religion that’s fine, but when you show up to mass make sure you are able to stay for the whole service or don’t bother coming at all.

I am not going to explain the entirety of how a normal mass goes, but will fast forward to the last 10 minutes or so. After communion is given (the holy wafer aka snack time aka host body, etc…), anything remaining is returned to the tabernacle, a minute or two of silent reflection, a closing blessing, and maybe some closing remarks from the padre. This honestly doesn’t take all that long. Sometimes when the house is packed much like tonight was the distribution of the communion will take some time, but most churches have done the math and put some extra Eucharistic Ministers on the floor to help.

To the people who are choosing to leave right after they receive communion. At best you are being mildly distracting because we have to hear the doors of the church opening and closing, but it is more than that. YOU ARE BEING RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. There is a beginning and end of the mass that is clearly defined. A few more minutes of your time is not going to be the end of the world. I’m sorry to be that guy, but even though I am not as dedicated a Catholic as some members of my family would like me to be I make sure that I stay for the whole mass start to finish.