Sitting in the Middle

Tonight I attended a country music concert with my fiancée. It had some musicians we both enjoyed and I was introduced to an up and coming group I was not aware of. To sum up the evening I had a pretty dam good time. However, since my day is not complete without dispensing some sage advice grab a knee and listen up.

If you are at a function of any kind and sit in the middle of a row settle in and get comfy. I really don’t think people understand just how many people you are inconveniencing when you get up to get out of your seat. The only valid reason to get up and make people move during a performance or when the game is in motion is when you have an emergency. Otherwise wait for intermission, half-time, or period break. You don’t need the nacho’s, beer, or t-shirt that badly. I also don’t consider needing to use the bathroom a valid reason either. Business should have either been taken care of prior to sitting down or during a scheduled break.

However, I have a solution. If you HAVE to get up you must purchase a beverage for each person you are inconveniencing. I figure beer for the adults and ice tea or what have you for the underage. That way you get out of your seat for whatever you need to accomplish and everyone else is compensated.


Thank You

Just using manners in general is always a plus in my book. However, you would be amazed at how much saying “thank you” can improve anyone’s day. For whatever reason when I use manners with people I don’t interact with on a daily basis it catches them off guard a little, but generally improves the interaction. This happens often enough that it saddens me a little bit when I realize the lack of manners used in general.

My ultimate point though is that manners help greatly in high pressure situations. When working in the pharmacy and every one is running at full tilt and the wheels of the wagon are about to spin off I say “Thank You”, as often as I can. I find that it kind of calms everyone down a bit because I am acknowledging even that smallest contribution everyone is making in what is probably a shitty situation. That way when sanity finally returns we need less time to decompress a bit and get back to kicking ass and taking names.