Mrs. Fix It

So today I had one of those what I am going to call “proud hubby moments”. My fiancée not only cleared up the low pressure situation in the downstairs shower head of her parents extra bathroom, but also installed a brand new shower head with out issue. I find this spectacular because a majority of the females I know wouldn’t know thing one about basic home repair and would most likely just call a plumber wasting time and money.

No, the future Mrs. did me proud. Took the time to trouble shoot the issue and  cleared out a busted piece of the previous shower head from what I think was two heads ago and installed the new one thus improving both water pressure and water usage.

Here is my point, I expect every adult in the house to be able to trouble shoot and fix basic things like this. Ladies you have been stepping up to the plate a lot lately, keep up the good work. For those of you who haven’t or refuse to we need to have a chat. To the gentlemen in the audience that don’t know the difference between a Flat head and Philips head screwdriver……first off figure that shit out. Second, and this is for everyone who doesn’t know what is what in basic home maintenance, take some classes. I believe Lowes and Home Depot offers them. THIS IS A ZERO EXCUSE AREA as far as I’m concerned.

“If she doesn’t find you handsome, she’ll at least find you handy.” -Red Green

Back Yards

Ever since I was wee lad (2 years old approx.) I have always had some sort of back yard in which to play and relax in. Over the years some of it has disappeared due to an addition on the house, gardens, a pool, and a patio. There still remains a substantial amount of yard yet, but not the yard I grew up playing in.

As I begin the process of looking for my own home I consider a sizeable yard a must on my check list. Although I have the same aspirations of home improvements and expansions as my parents I would still like enough of the  yard to be left over in which to throw a ball back and forth at  a decent distance.

I don’t expect many to share the same sentiment as me. Some aspire to have acres of land and other would prefer never to have anything to do with a lawn mower. To each their own.