A Royal Screw Up

So today was my future mother in-laws 60 surprisish birthday celebration. What I consider a key component of any birthday celebration would be the birthday cake. So at her request my fiancée ordered a birthday cake from a place called The Royal Bakery. It is somewhere both of them frequented before and without issue….until today that is. Let me lay it out here.

On Monday the 21st my fiancée stopped by and placed an order for a birthday cake to be picked up today the 27th. I know that we were going head long into the Holiday on the 21st, but given that they had 6 days between order placement and pickup and were only closed Christmas day one would think that they would be able to complete the order without issue. Well they didn’t. In fact they didn’t even make an attempt.

When my fiancée arrived to pick up the cake nothing was ready. The employee on at the time reads a note that says a message was left on the 24th (Christmas Eve) that they would not have cake for us. I knew this was a lie the second I was told, but just for the heck of it I investigated anyway. It was obvious from the lack of a missed call or pending voicemail on my fiancée’s phone that said call was never placed so I checked with my cell provider to make sure there were no error codes from that day which may have prevented the receipt of said call and/or message…..there weren’t any.

A few choice words were used and the employee didn’t really apologize. To target a phrase the employee used, “I don’t know what to tell you. I just work here”. Well no shit Sherlock it’s at the point that you figure out how to make it right. What really pissed me off is that someone blatantly lied. I have yet to choose a  course of action, but this will not go without at least an apology. Under what circumstances does any business run like that?

Luckily my fiancée was able to get a cake from the local grocery store and the party went as it should. I just can’t fathom this one. The amount of obscenities I originally had in the post was ridiculous that’s how angry I am. Ladies and Gent’s there’s only a handful of things that truly piss me off. A bald face lie and messing with my family is at the top of the list. I know it was only a birthday cake, but you know what it was for a milestone birthday and everyone would have been disappointed without one.

The Cost of Doing Business

With every business there are expenses one incurs. In most instances expenses go up over time occasionally they do go down but on the rare side i would tend to think. This evening I ran head long into an increased expense on a business that was passed directly on to the consumer.

Upon returning to a restaurant that I had been to previously I noticed a sign that stated ” 3% will be charged on every dollar for all credit transactions.” I was then enlightened that this was becoming a common business practice because credit companies were charging more on credit transactions. I get that this cost needs to be set off somehow, but a blatant charge on top of all the other costs and taxes I am already going to pay I don’t find acceptable.

Please don’t tell me that I must pay a fee in order to patronize your business. I literally felt like I was being punished for choosing to use a card to pay. Do what everyone else does. Slightly increase the cost of your goods or if you a large enough bottom line absorb the cost of it.