Full Ahead

At this point in time I have successfully completed the second hell day in the new year. Generally the first three weeks of the year are a complete shit show in most retail pharmacy settings. Everyone is trying to figure out their new insurances and switch between pharmacies for one of a dozen different reasons.

Comparative to day one it was more successful in the fact that for once I didn’t leave anything hanging that I had to worry about the next shift picking up the ball and running with it. However from the time I walked in till about 5 minutes before close I had to keep the gas petal pinned to the floor along with everyone else. Again, nothing new, but when trying to come back to a normal or just slower tempo after having the throttle pinned for almost my whole shift is somewhat difficult.

When I found myself finished for the day a sense of panic hit me for a second. I still had what seemed like a bunch of wound up energy and was capable of running a gauntlet if need. The volume was stuck at 10 for a minute. Now that I am at home I’m closer to a 6 instead of the 2 I normally am at right before bed. Sleep will just have to take a back seat for now.



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