With the passing of Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) I can officially say that 2016 just needs to be over. In fact  I would be ok with kicking off 2017 a few days early.

Although I have not personally lost anyone many of my friends have had the  misfortune of losing more than one family member/ close friends. To those grieving you have my sympathies and I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

We have also lost a good number of celebrities this year as well. Many of whom impacted the pop culture of the society I grew up in. It is indeed depressing to think that these people won’t be around to contribute to the various arts anymore depriving current and future generations of their talents.

From a personal stand point my 2016 didn’t suck. Got married back in June and we are in the process of acquiring our own house. Looking forward to 2017 being another good personal year, but politically I think its going to be a total shit show. Put your helmets on people, we’re dropping in hot.


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