Abandoned Carts

One of the things that baffles me is randomly abandoned carts in stores. Seriously, what happened? My best working theory at the moment is people are being randomly raptured. I’ll let you guys decide. In all seriousness though lets examine the two most common situations that I see in most retail situations.

The rarer of the two being the cart abandoned in the midst of the store that’s full of stuff. Not to be mistaken with the cart of items an employee is picking to be removed from the sales floor for a variety of reasons. Those items normally look like they belong on the isle of misfit toys. I’m talking about the cart full of carefully chosen goods just left adrift in the aisle. If something serious happens just drop the cart off at the register and tell them you have an emergency and need to leave otherwise your just being a jerk.

At the end of the day its not the big a deal. Just add the items to the litany of things the employees have to put on the shelves. One caveat here though. Don’t leave frozen items sitting. Left out long enough and you have something that ranges from a ruined product to a possible mess all over the ground.

The more common occurrence and more confusing of the two is the randomly abandoned empty shopping cart. I’m sure I could again say an emergency happened and the person needed to beat feet out of the store, but what is it to just tote it back to the front of the store and throw it back into the corral. I see the carts randomly left throughout the stores sometimes and wonder why it was left. Did the person say, “screw it, I don’t want to shop here anymore” and storm out? I also feel like it should be flipped over and a smoking hull of its former self. Something akin to a scene from Mad Max. Perhaps I have said too much at this point.



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