Lost Ideas

Currently there are close to 2 dozen uncompleted drafts saved on my computer for Blog posts. “Well why the hell don’t you post them then? Share your wealth of knowledge and anecdotes with the world.” Honestly I’d love to, but most of them are incomplete thoughts because by the time I was able actually able to sit and get something typed out its  normally really late in the day and my mental processing reserves have been drained.(I actually just took a few minutes before continuing this post and combed through them to see if I could get rid of anything. 24 potential posts just got cut down to 6 including this one). Moving on….

Most of my problem is not being able to take a minute and at least try and create a rough outline for myself so I can go back and put some cohesive thoughts together and create something meaningful. The main roadblock is neither of my jobs really allow me to step away from a primary function for more than minute so the best I can do is write down an idea or maybe a thought. Anything beyond that I just have to cobble together in my head and hope it sticks for later. For the most part that normally doesn’t work out later.

I didn’t mean for this to be a gripe fest here, but it annoys the bejesus out of me when I sit staring at the idea that I wrote down and try and reassemble what was a really good story and/or some sort of potential learning experience for someone in the world. Full disclosure, this post started out as something else as well. Just managed to piece most of it back together to form what your reading now.

Keep your stick on the people. I know I’m trying to.

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