Surprising Poll Results

For the most part I kept my political opinions to myself and avoided the topic of politics with my friends and colleges. I did this mostly because I wished to maintain said relationships, but also because I didn’t want any discussion to potentially devolve into an argument. Now after all the voting is done for the most part I have ventured a discussion with many a person.

What I am actually surprised at is how many people have abandoned the main stream candidates and actually voted for the 3rd party candidates out there. For those of you who did I thank you. I am of the opinion that we need to get away from the Democrat and Republican being the only viable options. It has caused too many issues with all levels government for too long.

I am also surprised at the number of people who have crossed party lines. I am glad that many people have taken the time to look outside their parties and see that sometimes the person “on the other side of the fence” can be the better candidate despite what your party leaders my say.

One thing that caught me off guard is the results of the mock election at the high school I teach at. The Donald won out among the students. I could speculate the influencing factors behind that, but I view it as a let sleeping dogs be rather than try and investigate.

Finally for the first time ever I had to stand in line and wait my turn to vote. Ever since I became of age to vote I have done so, but always noted voter turn out to be low. Now all across my state there have been recorder breaking voter turn out. For this reason alone it makes me proud to be part of our democratic system, but for all the reasons listed it is ten fold.

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