Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

Every once in a while I utter that specific phrase and it’s mostly just to clarify or affirm that I have done or experienced what you are speaking about. Sometimes it to sympathize with a person, but a lot more often its to convey that I indeed have dealt with something enough that I have more than a beginners knowledge on the subject matter at hand. And honestly, I’m tired of people disregarding that.

I’m not just talking about my own personal experiences I’m talking about other people in all kinds of situations, big to small, critical to nonsensical.

In a lot of professional settings one of the budget saving things I notice upper management doing is making the work environment less hospitable for the experienced front line workers so they leave. I get it, your trying to save  a few bucks, but here’s the problem… you have a majority of the work force with little to no experience. No true front line leadership, but the same results are still required. Then everyone’s starts wondering why moral and performance sucks. (Insert Gene Wilder MEME here.)

One of my personal favorites is in a classroom setting where a advanced level student or even the instructor try to help the entry level student navigate through something only to be blown off or disregarded. Yes, smart move, ignore the person who has mastered what you are trying to learn or better yet the person teaching it to you. And then somewhere down the road they turn around and say no one helped me.

My message may be getting a little muddied here so let me break it down. Don’t ignore the people who have earned their strips. They got them for a reason.



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