Lost & Found

For the second time this week my wife had “misplaced” her phone. Normally this isn’t a big deal, but the second instance that occurred less than an hour ago made documenting both instances necessary.

So the first time the phone went MIA it was just a matter of playing detective. Narrowing down where it was wasn’t easy because I couldn’t hear it ringing. We quickly figured out it wasn’t in the house as there was no sound to be heard anywhere inside. It ended up being in my truck.

However the second time turned into a five minute fiasco. We both knew the phone was in our bedroom as we had both walked into the room with our phones in our hands. I had placed mine next to myself while she had placed hers’ on the window sill nearby. Now I had not seen her place it there and she had quickly forgot about it.

At the point my wife decided she needed her phone she quickly realizes that it’s not right next to her. I ask if she thinks she left it in the truck again, but am reminded that she was using it when she walked into the room so it must be nearby. I am also informed that it had been silenced.

I quickly muted the TV and started calling it knowing that since it is in the same room as us and the house is quiet in general I knew we stood a really good chance of hearing it vibrate, which we did. Locating easily was another thing. At first I thought it had fallen underneath the side of the bed. Then I though it had slipped into one of the pillow cases. (This had happened with my phone in the past so to me it was a rational thought.) Finally, I thought the phone had fallen behind the bed so like the shmuck I am I reach behind the bed to see if I can feel it on the floor. (Again I had done this in the past but with my own bed.)

This time however, I get stuck. Like pooh bear with his head in the honey pot stuck. (Except you know….its my arm.) With a little finagling of the mattress my lovely wife helps my release my arm. At that point I took a second to collect my thoughts and dialed her phone once more. Since I was facing the window I quickly zeroed in on the sound and then the light of the phone. Finding it right were she had placed it. It was then that we had a good laugh at each other and put the room back in order. This will be one of those moments one of us brings up over dinner 20 years from now so we can have another good laugh at our own expense.

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