Keep Your Head on a Swivel

Every year I see a greater percentage of people walking around like a zombie while staring at their cell phones. I’m convinced that in addition to putting on your clothes daily that some people will have to wear a censor harness so that their phone can alert them to when they are going to walk into something or they are about to get hit by a car. Let me describe what I observed the other day while out shopping with my wife.

While running back out to my truck because I forgot the coupons I got blocked by a mother and daughter leaving the store. (Both were on their phones.) While they wandered to the exit I was finally able to maneuver around them, but then I noticed what part of the exit they were head towards. The store we were in had both a set of push doors and a set of automatic opening doors.

If you haven’t guessed it they were heading towards the push doors. The daughter slowed down in time to realize her error, but because she never picked her face up from her phone, she walked straight into the security sensor that sits next to the exit. This then alerted the mother so she avoided walking into the door. Needless to say I had a good chuckle at their expense.

My point being is that everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings. There is nothing that important on your phone that it should facilitate you walking into a door or something worse. Catching that Charizard or texting your BFF can wait.


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