I’d Like to File a Complaint

Now as most people know I am not a big cuddly teddy bear of a person when it comes to working in the pharmacy. As far as I’m concerned that type of personality has no business there anyway. However, I am professional, kind, empathetic, understanding, and proficient. Can I come off as an asshole? Yes, but you have to earn that response from me. I’ll stop blowing my own horn here.

A couple of days ago one of our front end managers had to come back and help us. We were pretty deep in the weeds. Said manager was given a script for a medication that wasn’t all that common so they did what I would do and checked if we had it. We did and told the patient 20 minutes. They left without incident. Patients spouse comes back later in the day to pick up. I had the good fortune of ringing them out and chalked up another quick and easy transaction.

Yet for some reason the patient had decided they needed to call and complain the next day. Stated that both my self and the manager helping us stared at each of them like they were common criminals. Now part of good customer service, hell just part of conversing with someone is to maintain eye contact so that the person you are engaged in the conversation and comprehending the exchange. Neither of us are sure were we went wrong because both customer interactions had no negative connotations in the immediate moment and was par for the course in the grand scheme of things.

At the moment no action is being taken against myself or the store manager that was helping me mostly because our supervisor knows that it was BS. My problem is that if incidents like this keep happening where we think we are providing the best possible patient care/customer service experience possible and then we get a complaint anyway decreases morale not to mention the willingness of front end staff to help us where our backs are to the wall.

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