Sleeping Arrangments

For the first time ever I have to continuously share a bed with someone now. Let me clarify to start with I am not complaining, but it is an adjustment for me. For close to 30 years I have had my own bed to myself.

Now that I share a bed with my wife I find my sleeping habits have changed. (For the better…..I think?) I have more or less shifted to her sleeping schedule which is going to bed earlier and getting an earlier start to my day. So far this has worked out in the effect that I find myself more well rested and more productive.

Maintaining sleep tends to be a little different now as well. I find myself roused from slumber easier. I attribute this mostly to the fact that again, I haven’t had anyone sleeping in the same bed as me ever so when the mattress shifts more than just a little I’m going to feel it. I also find myself more aware of odd internal and external noises of the house. (Please note the we have slept in a bed together on several other occasions but not for consecutive days as we do now.)

In the winter I know there will be a bonus because of shared body heat. Well for her anyway. In general my core body temperature tends to run slightly higher than normal where as my wife tends have feet and hands that feel like ice cubes.

Don’t really know where I’m heading with my thoughts on this at this point, but rest assured I’ll be throwing my thoughts into the ether as I encounter more firsts as newly married man.

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