Space Saver Tires

One innovation I will never understand is the space saver spare tire. I get that the point of it is to allow for the vehicle to have a spare tire while still giving it an adequate amount of trunk space/ not require a large extra storage space be built into a vehicle. That’s about the extent of my understanding on it.

Other than allowing you to essentially limp your vehicle to a service station to obtain a new full size tire or repair your original tire, the space saver is essentially useless. There are drastic safety limitations on space savers. Last I remember is that the tire is only good for a couple of hundred miles or so and when driving on it you cannot exceed 35 mph. If the space saver is being used on a major highway you are now a huge safety concern. You’re either going too slowly for the flow of traffic or a possible accident waiting to happen because the high speeds could cause the tire to break off. Also, if the weather is bad (snow or rain) forget maintaining proper traction.

At the end of the day I would like to see two things happen. First space savers just need to go away. The car companies can figure out how to redesign the storage bays so they always accommodate a full size tire. If not you’ll just have to figure how to transport the extra beer cooler to the game another way. Secondly, I want cops issuing safety violation tickets for having a space saver mounted just like they do for having a head/tail light out. It’s a safety thing people. All too often I see people driving cars with more than one space saver tire or a space saver that is clearly bald. Fix the problem within 3 business days and the ticket goes away.

Better yet get me Tony Stark on the blower. We’ll get that hover car hammered out in a weekend and in production by the end of the month.

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