Standard Operating Procedures: Shoveling Snow

A lot of the tasks that I do throughout the day whether teaching or in the pharmacy have some sort of standard operating procedure (SOP). The same could be said for a lot of my daily tasks as well. Since winter has final showed up and brought some snow as well shoveling said snow becomes a somewhat routine task.

For the first time in what has been a great while I grabbed the shovel and started removing the snow from sidewalks. I started with the two front steps and the short walkway to the main sidewalk as I always do and then completely blanked out on what I was going to do next. Now I’m sure everyone is thinking, “What’s the big deal just shovel the damn snow”.

Believe it or not there is right and a wrong way to shovel the snow. It’s not how I remove it from the sidewalks, but more so where I pile it. I have to account for two things. First and foremost, more snow. You can only pile it so high before it becomes unruly and won’t pile correctly. Secondly, the city plows. They are making quick runs and the snow is being thrown everywhere. The smaller the piles near the curb the less I have to re-clean from the sidewalks as the will eventually push more onto the tree lawns.


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