Anger Leads to Hate, Hate Leads to Fear, Fear Leads to The Dark Side

Normally I am not quick to anger, but occasionally the combination of minimalized sleep and a series of things gone wrong cuts the fuse significantly short. It is when that happens that anger will win out over my other emotions I remove myself from social settings. When truly angered calm rational thought isn’t going to happen.

Contrary to a majority of my BLOG’s I have learned to not let a lot anger. Just not worth the mental and physical stress it causes. Being annoyed though…that’s a whole other thing.

Another thing I have learned is that when I do become angry is to embrace the negative energy and refocus it somewhere else. Normally I translate it into a furried workout session or energy to get a bunch of chores done in a timely manner. I force myself to do something positive. Also, if need be in an emergency situation I can tap into any lingering anger for an extra bump in energy/strength/speed. To date I have only had to do that once but it’s good to know I am capable of that focus if need be.

The moral of the story here is that everyone has an internal demon. The way I see it you have a few choices. Let it run rampant and not master your emotions. Keep it caged up…until you can’t anymore. Learn to embrace it an focus it for good.


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