Optimal Operating Temperature

Finally the cold weather has arrived with a vengeance. It is at this point that I am confident that most people have forgotten some basic things to do when venturing out into the cold. One of the first things that popped into my head other than pulling out more of my cold weather clothing was proper start up procedure for my truck.

Most people have no clue that you vehicle has an optimal running temperature for the engine. I don’t care what the mechanic told you, I don’t care what the dealership told you, and I don’t care what you found out about your cars engine oil from your research. You cannot just start you vehicles engine and start driving in cold weather. It is a sure fired way to cause damage.

Every vehicle is equipped with a temperature read out. If you don’t know how to read it break out the manual and start reading. At the minimum the temperature gauge should have some sort of reading on it before you even think about putting your vehicle in drive and going. Preferably you let the engine running long enough so that it is near normal running temperatures.

The reason I implore this is that despite the manufactures claim of the oil will stick to the engines critical parts it’s still needs to be at a specific temperature in order for it to function at its correct viscosity. Otherwise you might as well pour duck soup into the engine.

Before anyone bitches about how they don’t want to run outside in the cold to start their engine just shut your mouth now. They make remote starters for most makes and models and they run as cheap as $100. Bust out that credit card and get on it.


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