I Suggest Patience

As we start the new year everyone resets with their insurance or starts anew with insurance because of a carrier change or are just getting it for the first time. Either way, things are going to take some time.

Let me start by clarifying that just because we work in the health care industry does not mean we should and/or do know everything about insurances. Our knowledge is normally limited to the field of practice we are in. Please also realize that unless it is major change that your insurance has enacted and even then it will be limited we are not privied to everything they do and change.

Most places are equipped with tools to help cut through the bullshit, but we still have to sift through some white noise occasionally.

A lot extra time wherever you are going to be using your insurance for the first time. Rushing us will not result in positive experience. You are most likely patient # 3,142 of the day with an issue that we are trying to resolve in an expedient manner.

As always yelling will accomplish a whole fuck ton of nothing. In fact if you make the mistake of yelling at me it will only result in all work coming to a grinding hault until you come back to reality and speak to us as a rational adult.

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