Mace or Lance?

Yesterday during the craziness that ensued during the late evening I was hurriedly trying to count some medication and had to open a new stock bottle. My normal procedure to break the safety seal on the bottle is to use the blunt end of the counting spatula and just ram it home which normally rips the entirety of the seal off saving me a few seconds. However, some manufacturers use a significantly thinker safety seal on their bottles.

When I encounter this it requires a more pointed incision in order to pierce the seal and remove it from said bottle. So after failing to bash in the seal with blunt back end I turned around the spatula and pierced it with the more finer front end. It is at this point that I’m sure everyone is wondering why I’m rambling on about all this nonsense.

I’m trying to express a comparative for life’s problems. (Yes, I know, big word.) Sometimes you can just bulldoze through things and get the problem solved, but it some problems require a bit more finesse to get through and have to be tackled in a more precise way.

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