Read Something Damn It

In a given year I will read at least six books. Despite the sometimes hectic lifestyle I lead I will always find a way to crush a few chapters in a week. If I’m really into a plot point or want to see how an issue is resolved I will for go on sleep. Not exactly a great idea, but when I’m into the story…game on.

I normally have at least one book that I am always inching my way through. This I have dubbed my commode side reader. When I know its gonna be a few in the thrown room I’m not one of those people who can be on their phone. My fear of dropping it into the bowl is too great and I’m sure there are enough diseases on the surface anyway not looking to add any more.

When it comes to reading I prefer to have the actual book in my hand. I have used an e-reader in the past, but it wasn’t the same tactile experience and I normally log some where in the ball park of 12 hours per day in front of a computer screen I’m not looking for more.

I know audio books is still a thing, but I will not be making that conversion anytime soon if ever. I am capable of learning and processing information audio logically, but when it comes to digesting and enjoying from a literature source I prefer to be able to read it rather than listen and pace it how I see fit.

Listen here people. If you graduated high school an decided that I will never read a book again you are an idiot and should hand that diploma back. Clearly you gained nothing from any of your reading/literature classes and need to try again. Pick up a book at least once a week and read for at least a half hour. There are many genres out there. I’m sure you can find something you’ll like.

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