One of my favorite toys from my childhood is Lego’s. I kept a majority of my Lego’s until I was almost 25. It was at that point that I realized I couldn’t realistically hang onto them anymore as I wouldn’t be having my own kids anytime soon. I would learn that a coworkers son loved as much as I did and passed on my collection to him.

Don’t get me wrong I still have some Lego’s in my possession just not the sizeable collection I had several years ago. And yes, I still occasionally play with them. Judge me how you will your opinion matters not.

When I do have children of my own I will purchase Lego’s again with reckless abandon. I currently stare at the sets and know that I can’t justify blowing 50 bucks on single set or any money on them for that matter.

However, today was an exception as I was able to purchase a set for a Toys for Tots drive I will be participating in this weekend. Fond memories of childhood came flooding back again.

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