Throwing The Bird

Somewhere in the last month or so while driving home from a team training I had someone decide that they needed to throw me the bird (see middle finger) in response to me honking at them. Normally I could care less, but I wrote my experience down that day and figured I would return to the thought at another time much like I am now. Let me run through the story and explain why it wasn’t warranted.

While waiting for the light to cycle to green I try and pay attention to traffic around me just to see if even when the light turns green I’m going to have to wait an extra second before proceeding myself because some other motorist is going to run the red so they don’t have to wait another cycle. There are some fairly impatient people out there. I was not first in line at the light, but having a good situational awareness while driving I consider mandatory. (See Jedi Powers) In this situation that would not be occurring at the light as the flow of traffic crossing in front of us cleared quickly and there was a decent delay between the red and the change to green on our side.

Now as a courtesy to the person leading the line I’ll give you a three Mississippi before I start honking to motivate you into moving unless I know it is a badly timed light then there is not a blessed thing I can do and will achieve nothing with the honk. In this instance there was ample timing and the three Mississippi had passed so a quick honk was issued and sure enough the driver in front of me started moving. I thought for sure that would have been the end of the exchange between me and the car in front, but I would be wrong.

For whatever reason the passenger of said vehicle took it upon themselves to roll their window down and throw me the bird. I drive a full sized pickup truck and have a height advantage over the Volvo in front of me so I had a clear enough view over the top and could see that there was no reason for the delay. If Wild West justice was still applicable I would be justified to shoot through the windshield and put a round through his hand for an unjustified insult. Since we don’t live in that era I’ll have to settle for complaining on here.


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