Reusable Shopping Bags

I think reusable shopping bags are an awesome idea. They are one of the most green things I can think of. Less trees being cut down to make the paper ones and less crude oil product being processed to make the plastic ones. With that being said there is a right way and wrong way to use them. The rest of this BLOG stems from an incident that happened in the pharmacy today.

Let me begin by saying that the “shopping” part in “reusable shopping bag” is a little misleading. That thought is kind of neither here nor there, but for my two cents it’s worth mentioning.

When you are shopping in any store one does not walk around choosing their items and placing them in the reusable shopping bag your brought with you. Most stores will provide a shopping basket of some kind or in some clothing stores their own in store use mesh reusable bags. In the case of my pharmacy we provide standard size baskets, slightly larger come along baskets (see pull handle), and the smaller sized carts for your shopping convenience. Your probably asking what’s the point?

My point is to use the shopping baskets, bags, carts provided by the store so that we don’t think your are stealing. We have enough issues to deal with already this is one that shouldn’t just exist. You may think your doing us a solid by leaving the basket behind for the next person, but your not. You just created a security issue. I also promise that not every single shopping apparatus will be in use at the same time.

Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it however the person who was questioned by a member of management decided to get their mother involved. The problem here is that said person is most likely my age (30) and instead of trying to have a rational conversation themselves is having mommy fight their nonexistent battle. I’m sure this isn’t the end of this saga so I’ll post an update as I come across more info.


So I found out that the parents of this said individual made a much bigger deal out of this than needed be. I’m fairly certain that a certain amount of lying was also done as well. The member of management in question here did apologize. ( Of their own free will, but in my opinion it wasn’t warranted.) They were also refunded their purchase and money was donated in their name to a charitable organization of their choosing. I know this is really nothing at the end of the day, but I don’t find this ok. For lack of a better thought on it, it is an unwarranted punishment.


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