Medical Tourism

So while watching the new season of Morgan Spurlocks Inside Man the one episode was about medical tourism. I know that it has existed for quit some time now, but didn’t know much about it. Without getting into the fine points of it I will try and sum everything up.

In term of cost and efficiency these hospitals and medical centers abroad beat the current US medical system by leaps and bounds. Now I’m sure that the best was rolled out and portrayed for the sake of the show, so I did some of my own research because my curiosity was peaked after the first 5 minutes.

Indeed, just based on the cost analysis between what I could expect to shell out for my out of pocket expense with insurance (here) v. without (abroad) there is what I would term a catastrophic difference. So with that in mind I have two final thoughts. First out healthcare system is in need of an overhaul. Second if somewhere down the line I require some major treatment I will consider going abroad for healthcare. Get myself taken care of at better price and have a vacation as well.

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