And Your Grand Total Is…

If you remember that part from Supermarket Sweep then you most likely had an awesome childhood like me and enjoyed watching that game show. Give yourself a bro five and keep reading.

When your at the register I’m going to assume you are in a hurry much like the person manning the register wants to get you the hell out of there because there is either a line of people or there are a bakers dozen of other tasks to complete before the shift is over. However, please wait to be told your total before trying to give a form of payment.

Firstly, despite how advanced some of the cash registers are they are still computers and depending on the network they are hooked up to it may take a beat or two before the payment part of the transaction can be completed. Please don’t try and swipe, tap, or insert your credit/debit card mid transaction. In most instances there is going to be something that undoes or prevents the actual processing of the card. Just have it ready in your hand and then use when instructed/prompted to.

Second, please don’t try and hand us cash while we trying to get to the point where we can take it and put said money in the register. Again, wait for the total to be announced. Please get your money out and ready to hand over when asked for it, especially if you know you are going to have to dig for it, but standing there with the money essentially being shoved at us isn’t going to make the register close the transaction any quicker or the draw pop open any sooner for that manner. When it is done to me in the pharmacy I will take and promptly place money on the counter because I am not ready to receive it. (I have had a couple people pick it back and try to hand it to me again at which point they are informed I wasn’t ready to take it and need to wait for the register.)

Again, all parties involved are generally interested in completing the sale quickly, but most of us running the register want it done correctly as well too. At my location we do have the best touch screen register available, but even they can be overly sensitive. So yes, we are going to take an extra couple of seconds to avoid a headache. Just take those extra couple of seconds to ponder the meaning of life.


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