Black Friday

As many of you started your Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving (which is a Thursday by the way) and promptly forgot what you are thankful for once you hit that store(s) parking lot I did not. In fact I didn’t even leave my house. I waited until exactly 12:05 with my virtual cart loaded all I had to do was apply the Black Friday code and I had all my sales prices in addition to free shipping on most things.

For those of you suckers who got up insanely early to hit the stores opening at 6am or earlier for the gangbuster deals please have imagined me laughing manically because I will have been at home in bed snuggled warm in my blankets still staring at the inside of my eyelids. (Sleeping for anyone who is confused.)

I am done with my Christmas shopping for the most part. I will have to venture to the mall at some point to pick up a few odds and ends, but I will never venture out in the crazy ness of a Black Friday shopping experience. And honestly if I can check off my list come Cyber Monday…even better.


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