Consistent Volume Levels

I have zero knowledge on how sound engineering works. but I’m a little confused by the lack of consistent sound levels in some of the podcasts I listen to. I’m not going to sit here and name names, but all of the podcasts I listen to are by people who have made successful careers in other parts of the entertainment industry and have either decided to expand their brand into the podcasting universe or reboot their careers in said universe.

It is here that the inconsistent sound quality baffles me because all of these people either would have learned at least a little something about it or have access to a person they could hire or at least consult on how to do it properly.

The main podcast network had the foresight to hire 3 sound engineers/ sound board technicians. The only time I ever hear an issue is when a piece of equipment fails which is promptly fixed/replaced by switching to a back up. On the opposite end of the networks is a comedian whom does a weekly podcast and does zero sounds engineering.

Yet I know this person has access to sound engineers through one of their 13 gigs so why the set aside a few sheckles to pay for their services is beyond me.

Finally is another comedian who essentially falls into the middle of the road. They have hired on a sound engineer, but whomever they hired is not consistent. It’s either amazing quality with clear consistent sounds levels or just total shit with sometimes subpar clarity and sound levels that jump all over the place.

If you are going to be producing a professional product then it should be as such. Shit like this is armature hour. If I didn’t care about what these people had to say or they made me laugh on a regular basis I would have cut off the podcasts along time ago.


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