There’s 24 Hours In A Day?

There are times when if I want to complete every single thing I wish to accomplish in a day which includes my minimum amount of sleep 24 hours just isn’t enough to accomplish it. Since not sleeping at all isn’t an option for me because a level of anger I’m not comfortable with due to sleep deprivation. I have to figure out where to make cuts in my schedule.

Normally I find myself cutting out my daily recreational time. I try to just cut back the time, but it just ends up getting eliminated all together. Unfortunately this BLOG is included in that recreational time a lot. Sorry kids, its just the way it is.

Without turning this into a multipoint lecture Ill just say that this adulating thing is hard. There are days where I feel like just going and building a tree fort somewhere and never coming back. On the kick side of it there are times where I feel like I have the world by the tail and I am it’s master.

The struggle is real people. Put on your helmet and dive in. Sometimes that’s the only way to survive.


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