Sorry, Were Out of Stock

When any proprietor of any wares states they are out of something, please don’t ask if we really are. If anything the next questions should be, “When will you have more?”, or “Do you know who else might have it available?”. We will be most happy to provide those answers, but circling around for a second pass is pointless.

In the pharmacy universe there’s never a point in time where we want to be out of something. It’s a pain in the ass for us and we don’t enjoy delivering bad news to patients. That being said when you ask me, “Are you sure you don’t have any?”, I immediately stop giving a damn. At the point in time you will receive the bare minimum of service from me.

This is like going to a gas station and finding out the ran out of premium and then asking the attendant are they sure they are out. No they are hiding the tanker truck around back hording it all for themselves. What the hell people.


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