Carry A Damn NotePad

I’m fairly certain that at some point in the last year I covered the many reasons as to why everyone should carry a little notepad/book on them at all times. Feel free to go back and reread. However, I have forgotten to take my own advise.

Somewhere along the line during the last few weeks I had lost my little flip notebook. I didn’t find it to be a big deal at the time and it didn’t really matter until today. I wrote myself a list of things I needed to accomplish after I left work and left the damn list at work. I was able to remember most of it, but I’m sure once I get ahold of it tomorrow I’m going to kick myself for not accomplishing something semi-important this evening.

Not having the notebook has also stymied my writing….a lot. I used to write down at least 3 ideas a day in it. Mostly to cross two of them out later, but I literally lost my muse. My date book has tons of sticky notes in with things I wrote down, but it just isn’t the same. Starting tomorrow a new notebook will be accompanying me daily again. Hopefully get this show back on the road.


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