Guitars & Stars 11

Yesterday the Fiancée and myself enjoyed this years Guitars and Stars performance put on by the local country radio station. Just another night of good acoustic music and about 5 grand was donated to cancer research.

Now just to be clear I don’t know much of anything about how the music Industry works at all. What I do know is that each year at the Guitars and Stars shows is that they normally get some country stars who are starting to break out and become noticed, at least from my perspective, and at least one person/band who is a slightly bigger name than everyone else. I think this is great because it’s great exposure for all musicians involved in general because a concert goer might be there because X is there and now they also hear Y and become a fan of them there as well.

That thought aside I was kind of amazed at how many of them started out as just song writers. Essentially selling their art to an established name. Some of them had been doing it for 5 or more years before deciding to strike out on their own. It just struck me as kind of odd. I don’t know where I’m really heading with this thought. Just needed to express it here.


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