Professional Opinions

I’m not really sure why people continue to question the information being relayed to them by professionals. Yes, we are talking about “‘opinions” here, but it is normally supported by years of education and experience. In both my teaching and pharmacy jobs I have people questioning both my own and my piers sound professional advice. I have never had someone come right out and call anyone a liar, but some of their chosen responses come pretty damn close.

Please, if something we convey to you doesn’t make sense ask for clarification, but completely dismissing what we are trying to tell you is not only insulting, but a waste of time because we could have potentially been giving that time to someone who actually cares for and wants to hear what we have to say. I’m also not against getting a second opinion which should either reinforce the original thought or clarify.

As human beings it’s not that we infallible just don’t have all the answers. Occasionally we will get things wrong and normally because we are trying to give an answer in an area in which we have little to no experience and are drawing on similar experiences and limited past knowledge. Normally, this is where we try and tag in someone with said experience, but can’t always.

I  think my father has the best solution when people don’t want to listen to his professional opinion on the construction site. He will explain it once more and if the person still doesn’t want to listen he will hand the number of his boss and two of his competitors. I can think of one time where he was wrong.

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