No Service

The school district I work for has a fairly large footprint in terms of geographical area. Part of that area includes a fairly rural (mostly wooded) parcel. In that area exists one of the elementary schools. This area isn’t underdeveloped by any means.

Water and power lines and most recently an expansion of the municipal sewer lines and gas services. Although in terms of modernized heat sources most still rely on fuel oil or an even fewer number still on coal. Hell even the cell phone providers have been putting in towers and upgrading them over the last 15 years of so.

However, once you are within 50 yards of the school all cell service drops right off. No data (not even the old edge network), no regular cell network, no Wi-Fi. ( There is Wi-Fi at the school, but I’m not “allowed” to have that password.)

Last I check it is 2015 and I’m really confused as to why this still occurs. It’s not like we live in a developing country where electricity is either nonexistent or spotty at best. We are on the verge of sending a manned mission to mars, but there are still dead/no coverage zones in the US. I know…I know #firstworldproblems, but you know what. We shell out enough for utilities the way it is this shouldn’t happen.


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