Service Interruption

As of late my BLOGS have been infrequent at best. It is not like I have a legion of followers whom fawn over every word although, if more people did the world would run a lot smother, but lets stay on track here.

As I have stated in the past I am getting married in the near future so more and more of my time is required for that task alone along with trying to figure out where the hell we are going to live cause everyone loves house hunting. Let’s see the scout unit I am involved keeps and growing although not a bad thing either that takes time as well. Oh yeah, one of my jobs has made a multi-billion dollar acquisition so once all parties involved give the go ahead that’ll result more over time than I can shake a stick at. And finally, I’m fighting off a cold. It hasn’t gone full tilt yet, but its slowing me down.

Long story short here people somewhere in the near future I hope to get some more consistency in terms of dispensing my sage advise. I’ve got a couple legal pads worth of stuff waiting to be formed into some sort of semblance of a rational BLOG. Until then hang tight people or if someone could figure out how to add more hours in the day that would be great.


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