Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

In light of my recent injury I decided to pull this one out of my personal archives.

Pain is what you are experiencing when you are doing something to your body that you shouldn’t be, asking your body to perform beyond its limits, or you have experienced a trauma of some kind. Pain is the not so gentle reminder that you are still alive and should keep breathing…..still breathing.

If you are like me I experience some form of pain daily because of a past injury I have experienced. The daily discomfort I have is nothing compared to when the injury I experienced finally caused me enough pain that I couldn’t get off the floor. (Just to clarify, many moons ago I fell down a flight of stairs. It just took a while for the injury to get to the afore mentioned point.)

Hospitals have adopted the 1 through 10 pain scale along with the different smiley faces to help identify the level of pain/discomfort a person might be experiencing. Keeping the pain scale in mind my injury started with a level of 4. I then continued to walk around with said pain for an additional six months.

Compared to most people I have an exceptionally high tolerance for pain in general having had my hands burned at a younger age, a nail shot through my foot, and various other accidents/injuries. However, my body had had enough and decided that it would not tolerate me not doing anything about my injury anymore and I couldn’t get up. To be specific I could get to the standing position, but asking my body to do anything more than that was out of the question. So at that point my pain was a 9.

I have been asked why only 9? Why not 10? Well, I was still able to communicate that I was in pain. It is my belief that if I am truly at a level 10 in pain I will not be able to express that. I will either be writhing in pain and unable to speak or will have passed out from the intensity level of the pain. If you have seen the move “A Fault In Our Stars” the main female actor expresses that point quit well.

My ultimate point here again is the same as before. Don’t be an idiot. If you injure yourself seek medical help sooner rather than later or at least stop the activity you are doing. My most recent injury I was lucky and it was only muscle strain. The above injury was probably mild at the time but since I ignored it for so long it became much worse and required surgery.


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