Wait Times

In the retail pharmacy universe when a prescription is dropped off patients have a two options. Leave it to be filled a later time/date or wait. When a patient indicates they wish to wait the intake technician does some pharmacy math  based on the current work load situation you will normally get a wait time that ranges somewhere from 5 minutes up to ½ hour.

If you get a wait time longer than that I’m going to assume that the pharmacy is experiencing critical systems issues. If this happens please be patient. A lot of the time is out of the staffs hands and are doing the best they can. If possible make arrangements to come back the next day.

However, and this one chaps my ass, if someone drops off a prescription and says they will be back later  (more than 3 hours) that day and you are not experiencing computer issues and the patient returns and nothing was done who the hell are you kidding.

Normally I wouldn’t give much of a damn about other pharmacies inability to function properly, but in the last 3 months on 4 separate incidents that I can recall it happened to family members of mine. Even that is not all that significant, but over the last 2 weeks we have had an influx of patients leaving a specific chain because they would tell them to return in 3 hours and then have nothing done. Seriously people, I know I preach not to rush the filling of medications, but I find that unacceptable.

It lowers the standards of the profession and damages the relationship between the patient and pharmacists in general.


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