Orange Juice

On my list of foods that I must always have in the house is orange juice (OJ). I may even go so far as to say that it would be part of my final meal. It is that perfect blend of sweet with a slight bite of bitter taste from the citrus not to mention the health benefits gained by drinking it. However, I can be a bit of snob similar to winos.

I’m not really picky on brand; I have yet to come across a manufacturer that isn’t capable of squeezing oranges into a bottle. What I won’t tolerate is OJ made from concentrate, especially the frozen concentrate. Even when I make it myself I just can’t get the proper mix consistency with water and it normally turns into a slightly flavored orange colored concoction.

In terms of the mixed flavor orange juices let’s not kid ourselves here. It is now a fruit juice mix. I don’t care if the balance is tipped in favor of the OJ, once another fruit juice has been added we have moved away from it being just OJ. I’m by no means knocking them, in fact there are several blended flavors that I enjoy, but once that second ingredient is added we have moved away from the baseline.

I think a lot of people forget about the pulp until they take that first hit off of their orange juice. At that moment they either love it or hate it. In terms of me and the pulp content I prefer the home-style type. I don’t feel like I’m eating the OJ which some of the “lots of pulp” varieties can be like. On the flip side of that is the no pulp OJ. Although the flavor and the taste are there it’s akin to making a really awesome stew tasting it and realizing that something is just missing. Home-style is that happy medium.

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