Get Your Hustle On

As my Sunday evening winds to a close and I look on at my coming week I steel myself a bit as 4 out of the 5 business days are doubles for me. Such is the way of working two jobs.  Let me put that into perspective. Two is the minimum number of jobs I have held for a good number of years. At the peak of my insanity I have held five jobs.

Just to clarify even further I considered the time I spent in the classroom to be a job of mine as well. Basically I viewed it as my job to make myself better so that I could obtain  better job or position beyond the ones I already had.

What I am trying to express here is based on the amount of effort I put forth in a given day I expect those around me to step up to the plate and do the same. The sad reality is I know there is portion of the population the is quit capable and never will. On that same note I know there are others that will try their best and not be able to keep my pace.  This person I will grab the hand of and pull along with me.

Get your hustle on people. The hard work will pay off.


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