Convience Fee’s

These are just an excuse for a business to charge you extra money. You can tell me that its to help cover the cost of insurance for an event or the transportation of an item that isn’t found in the area readily available at the end of the day its still bullshit. I could see charging an extra buck maybe two on top of the normal retail price to help cover some of the extra overhead but some of the prices being charged under the guise of an added convenience fee it bullshit.

My first example is the local outdoor concert venue was charging 11.00 for a domestic can of beer. I’m not talking about the tall boy cans either I am speaking of the standard 12 ounce cans that you can pick a sixer for around 9 dollars. Upon further investigation I found out that part of the 11 dollars was a pouring fee. BULLSHIT! Hand me the can and cup I am a god damn adult I can do it myself. This is just one of many reasons I stopped going to concerts at this particular venue.

Another example of convince fees being charged is the up-pricing of food in transportation centers. Why does anyone think that its ok to charge an extra 3 or more dollars for mediocre fried food in an airport. Your not providing better food or service and in a lot of instances it actually worse. I will happily pack my own food, leave the terminal and find something, or suck it up till I get to my destination. My only exception here is when I am traveling on the company dime then Ill go top shelf everything.

I may just be howling into the wind on this one people, but I hate price gouging. I’ve fought against my own company hierarchy a couple of times.


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