Laughter is the Best Mediciine

Even in the shittiest situations I will find a way to bring laughter into a situation. Sometimes I’m looking for a way to swing the pendulum up from a low point other instances its to defuse a tense situation. Occasionally, it is to some peoples annoyance. Either way it normally works out.

My co-workers understand this the best. Since I walked in the door for my shift until about 20 minutes before close we were working at a high tempo. It took some effort to not annoy each other, but at turning point in the evening we both had had enough and the dumb jokes started flying. The evening went better and life progressed as normal.

Look for the positive in any situation and exploit it. Sometimes that the only way your going to survive.


One thought on “Laughter is the Best Mediciine

  1. tatiana778 September 29, 2015 / 3:41 am

    Laughter allows us to live longer . Even as we reflect on situations that my have been messed up We laugh . I rather laugh a million times a day than be cranky stressing on things that are temporary .


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