Give Me A Sign

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the “Your Mother doesn’t work here. Clean up after yourself.” sign hanging in the lunchroom. I always chuckle at this, but it saddens me that adults can’t behave as such and make this sign necessary. What makes things worse is when a sign has to be posted multiple times. Recently I had come across an example that has gotten out of hand.

A sign on a faculty bathroom reminds everyone to make sure the bolt is turned to lock after using the bathroom so that it rests ajar so it doesn’t lock itself. Fair enough, but the sign is posted several times over on the inside of the door as well as above the toilet. The straw that broke the camels back for me was the additional sign posted on the mirror right at eye level.

ADULTS not children use this particular water closet. One sign placed directly next to the lock should be more than sufficient. Here’s a better thought. Instead of having a lock on the door that is self locking how about a standard knob and internal lock. That way the entirety of this stupidity could have been avoided.


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