School Zones

School safety zones exist for the exact reason of safety. Get traffic to slow down so that students can come and go from the school quickly and safely, but also to allow buses and parent pick up/ drop off occur in a quick and safe manner. However, today I have found one caveat to that.

For the second time this month I made the trip to our district office. In order to take that trip in a timely manner I have to drive up a fairly large and busy mountain side. On said mountain side is a school and with that comes a speed safety zone. Inside the safety zone the speed limit is 15 MPH. Having a line of traffic drop to that speed on an incline turn is not a difficult task however trying to accelerate on the other side of the safety zone is not an easy task.

The incline at that point increases by another 2 degrees and if you have a large truck at the head of it forget it. There are two lanes of travel both ways, but its not always easy to negotiate that pass and the stress on the vehicle is unwarranted. That aside this does create another safety issue.

Some people just aren’t able to compensate quickly enough to slow down. Especially if they aren’t aware of the school zone up ahead. Yes, I am aware that any driver should be aware of their surroundings at all times, but not everyone is perfect. To bottom line it this particular schools safety zone doesn’t need to have the speed limit reduction. At no point in time will students ever be crossing on foot. The only vehicles coming in and out of the school other than the employees is buses and other district transportation vehicles.

I may just be bitching here people, but after watching a dump truck almost monster truck a smaller car for the second time in same area in a less than one month time frame I think my words hold some weight.


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