Critical Systems Error

For greater than 24 hours now my pharmacies primary operating system has been switched into a different mode which allows us to still function, but not anywhere near full capacity. At the moment out IT department has it listed a systems update error that is being fixed as quickly as possible. Now this issue started late in the evening yesterday. At that time the impact on operations was minimal.

Come in the next day and the issue remains but is now worse. Originally, we only had limited use of our integrated store network. Now it expanded to affect issues beyond that essentially stymied forward progress and causing unnecessary work to be done. I’m sure someone is going to point out to me that major computer issues happen from time to time especially in a large integrated network like ours.

True enough, but given that I work for a multi-national corporation that posts a ridiculous profit margin I expect something a damn sight better than what is currently happening. We had an issue similar to this around this year last time which had us picking up the pieces for almost a month afterwards. Our IT department sucks at field testing upgrades. They either do minimal testing or none at all.


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