It’s All About The Benjamin’s Baby

If you are going to pay for goods and/or services with large bills, 100’s, 50’s & 20’s to a certain extent, there a few things to consider. Please be aware that you are most likely going to screw the cashier because of the amount of change that they are going to have to hand to you. Especially if we are talking about the weekend as well.

Yes, I know businesses should be able to calculate correctly for larger bills, but lets be honest here. Businesses aren’t banks and shouldn’t be expected to break your large bills for you. It is with this in mind that I have come up with some rules or general social conventions that I believe should be followed.

First off, let me reiterate any given business is not a bank, unless it happens to be a bank, and the expectation that we should break a large bill is not realistic. I know I mentioned 20’s earlier and the reason I bring it up is because of the jack offs the use a 20 to pay for something that costs 58 cents. In most instances this shouldn’t cause an issue, but if you hit that magical time of day where there mostly 20’s, 1’s, and change in the draw and one of the managers hasn’t had the chance to do a bank break yet. That’s where it gets you.

Second, if you are going to use a large value bill for your purchase your total should be at least half of what the bills value is. That way you won’t zap the drawer of all its change. Let’s be honest here, if you hand me a 50 for a $1.73 total you have earned the stink eye.

Finally, it will not cost you anything to ask if the large bill can be broken. (Normally the answer will be yes and we will just call to the office for change.) Whose the bigger asshole if you hand over the large bill to the cashier and they just say no. Like I said before, there is a sweet spot in the daily grind of things where there just won’t be enough change to go around.


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