How Long Will This Take?

Should not be the first words out of your mouth when dropping off a prescription in the pharmacy.  Normal social conventions dictate that when greeting anyone especially for the first you start with Hello, Hi, Greetings,……I’ll even take a Hail Satan. I think that people forget all too easily that the pharmacy is there to help with health needs and not fast food style service. To clarify we don’t rush things.

When it comes to something that will potentially directly impact whether or I will live I don’t want anyone rushing through it. Unless I am bleeding out or stopped breathing then by all means turn the dial up to 11 and snap it off. Other wise lets get it done right.

In pharmacy land we do try and complete prescriptions in a quick fashion. However, there are points in the filling process where slowing down and checking ourselves is a must. Not only to avoid clerical errors, but to also avoid that killing a patient thing. The paper work alone if we do. Oy vey.

Let me put it to everyone the same way I will put it to a patient who wants it done yesterday. “Do you want it done now or do you want it done right? There is a correct answer here.”


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