I’m Freakin’ Out Man!

Today was one of those days where the flood gates were opened and it didn’t quit seem to end. As stated yesterday today was the beginning of flu vaccination season. Although we didn’t exactly have been hurling their insurance cards at us demanding we provide them with vaccines, it was the first of the month and the first Tuesday at that. It was a bit cra cra to say the least.

That being said I felt a bit stressed today. The increased work load is a pain in the ass, but I would also say my pending nuptials, house hunting, and possible additional trainer responsibilities running through my head added to the stress load. All are essentially good things just getting through the processes or to the date(s) is frustrating/exciting.

Now that you know my issues here’s how I try and deal with the walls closing in on me feeling. I do try and meditate at least twice a week not only to maintain sanity, but to help lower my blood pressure. It’s always been pretty decent, but given my family history of cardiac issues never hurts to start working on it early. However, trying to become one with the universe is not the only stress reliever I try. I will exercise myself into submission. Walking/jogging, hitting the heavy bag, if I can find a sparring partner a few rounds in the ring, or some trigger time whether it be Airsoft or real steel.

These are just my methods. There are hundreds of ways to blow off steam in a healthy manner. Explore the possibilities.


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